Coronavirus India live updates: cases, deaths and news, today

India Covid-19 cases

According to the latest figures (as compiled by Johns Hopkins University) India has officially confirmed 286,605 people with the coronavirus (fifth in terms of overall numbers per country, behind the US, Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdon, always remembering that India has a population of 1.2 billion people). 

In total 8,102 people have died from the disease in India, while 141,031 have recovered.

The overall situation is still worrying, with 10,000 new cases confirmed yesterday, and hospitals swamped in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai and predictions that the infection rate will not peak before the end of July, if then.

Note: according to other compilations of the figures, India had hit 298,191 cases by the end of the Thursday, meaning it would now be fourth on the list of the countries with most infections, ahead of UK.