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Fauci “a little bit of an alarmist”, says Trump

US President Donald Trump has told an interview with Fox News Sunday that he has a “very good relationship” with Dr Anthony Fauci, but said the country’s top infectious disease expert is “a little bit of an alarmist”

“Dr Fauci’s made some mistakes, but I have a very good – I spoke to him yesterday at length – I have a very good relationship with Dr Fauci,” Trump said. “He’s a little bit of an alarmist – that’s OK.” 

Trump denied that the White House is trying to discredit Dr Fauci, but sought to provide Fox News interviewer Chris Wallace with a list of his errors.

“Look, Dr. Fauci said ‘don’t wear a mask’. Dr. Fauci told me not to ban China, it would be a big mistake,” Trump said. “I did it over and above his recommendation. Dr. Fauci, then, said ‘you saved tens of thousands of lives.'”

Wallace then asked Trump whether his own errors discredited him, but the president claimed that this was not the case, saying he “been right probably more than anybody else.”